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A Few Quick and Meticulous Tips for the Graves

Graves come with the powerful shotgun machine, and they are generally difficult to be handled. There are a lot of unique as well as interesting ways to deal with the auto attacks. To know about the Graves, you can check lol graves at Graves comes up with interesting amounts of features. Understanding these features is important for shouting down your opponent. Nevertheless, it is important to know various tricks and tips that are related to Graves so that you can emerge as a better gamer. In the following section, some tips and tricks have been discussed.

Jungle Creeps and Minions

Graves are there to knock back the minions and jungle creeps. So, now there is no reason to be fear of them and avoid them. If you come across the jungle creeps, the extraordinary destruction power of the victorious graves will ensure that the creeps are removed from your path of the journey. In some cases, you do not want the minions or jungle creeps to get killed too much. So, you need to be careful when auto mode activated with Graves. You need to monitor the situations to take things under control.

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Tip for Optimal Damage

To cause optimal damage with the Graves, you need to activate the auto attack. It can cause utter damages to all the targets in front of you, including the massive towers. Another important thing to remember is that you should allow optimal damage with initial straight hit. After the initial hit, it creates a cone and continues hitting. But, this angular hitting is not as effective as the initial hitting. The straight initial hitting is capable of doing the major damages.

Armor and Magic Resistance

Gamers should keep in mind that Graves should gain more magic resistance so that ultimately it can prove to be more effective in terms of destruction. To get more armors and magic resistances, Graves should dash towards its enemy. Not necessarily, it has to happen directly. It could happen diagonally. It will still fetch extra stacks for the Graves.

So, knowing these tips and tricks will help gamers to make optimal use of the power of the Graves meticulously.