these cute short hairstyles

Cute short Hairstyles that complement your face

Whenever you go to a salon for a haircut, they will check your face structure and then suggest you hairstyles accordingly. Obviously, if it is a good salon with an experienced hair stylist. Facial features play an important role in your look and if your face structure is not matching with your hairstyle then even the best haircut would look like a disaster. You cannot just copy your favorite celebrity’s haircut. You should opt for a haircut that suits your face.

Haircut according to face shape:

These cute short hairstyles are recommended according to your face shape.

  1. If you have a round face: if you have a round face and want to get a short haircut then a gamine style with spiky layers is the best hairstyle to choose. It looks cute and you can get the spiky layers that are slices all round the crown area. The benefit of this hairstyle for round faces is that the choppy pieces of layers at the top will add height and give some length to your face. It will also draw attention to your eyes. This style is also recommended by celebrities.these cute short hairstyles
  2. If you have a heart shaped face: These cute short hairstyles are recommended if you have a heart shaped face. The pixie cut which is clipped evenly on all the sides and along the nape of the neck along with some short layers in the top area is best suited for this face. These choppy curs can balance your jawline perfectly.
  3. If you have a long or oval face: A long or oval shaped face looks best with a blunt bob that is having subtle and minimal layers added to it. This is the best short hairstyle for your face and it is easy to carry off and maintain. Add little bit of face-framing to enhance your look. If you have curly hairs then this style will enhance your bends and curls naturally.

These are the best and most cute short hairstyles according to your face shape. So which one are you wearing at your next party?