Does Paint Pen for Tires Work?

A lot of people finds pleasure and fun in redecorating their old boring tires. For riders, and people who loves to get people stare at their tires every time they drive by. Or for some they just wanted to paint as if it was some kind of fashion.

For car enthusiasts, or tire experts, redecorating tires is considered a form of art. It is just the same with dressing up, wearing the right clothes to compliment the look and topping off with a good accessory. Tires are sort of like that. Accessories for luxurious cars, simple cars and even vintage.

One way to redecorate is through paint pens for tires. Still no idea what is it? Let’s find out!

What is Paint Pen?

Basically, you are free to paint the lettering in your tires with any color you want. It can be yellow or the most popular white. Painting tires include using oil-based paint. The easiest way to apply it is through a paint marker or a paint pen. A paint marker is a type of marker pen that is used to create permanent writing on a variety of things, include tires.

If you wanted to paint white, then a white paint pen was historically, one of the most popular ways to add aftermarket tire letters to your tires. Although this pens can be very time consuming, but the fact they do not hold up under scrutiny and won’t result to any mess unlike painting through brushes.

Another thing, … The paint from these types of markers is not truly permanent, it still can be removed through high pressure cleaning.

But the question is do these paint pens for tires really work?

Does it Work?

Basically, if you are using the right product then definitely it will work. However, it is undeniable how some products that are available in the market still can’t live up to their promise of giving customers a long lasting paint.

At least some of them does. While there are those brands who sell good quality, plus long lasting products that are also worth the price. One of which is Tire Penz of

Tire Penz have a variety of paint pens for tires in different colors. In red, orange, blue, yellow, green, pink, gray and the most popular in the market, white. Their price range starting for 12.95$.

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