seat cushion

For extra comfort and relief from pain using the seat cushions

Sitting in a chair for a long period of time is sure to bring some discomfort to the body. Apart from the normal discomfort there is also pain experienced in the back and hip region. This can be noticed during driving too. Since most of the crowd is used to spending more time at a desk or chair in front of a laptop, the posture cannot be changed. However it can be altered with the help of cushions here. This will not only save the person from pain but will also give good relief.

Total comfortseat cushion

Since the used material here is memory foam there is utmost comfort provided here. It is made in a way so as to support the back and hip. This will help in the elimination of pain in the sensitive regions. It has a specifically made orthopaedic design which helps in the back and tailbone issues. Apart from this the coccyx cushion will support the tailbone too. This is the perfect solution for your office chair. The pain is removed with the help of the U shape ergonomic design. This is a standard design which is supported by many of the world’s leading orthopaedic surgeons. The doctors say that this will help in resolving any kind of acute as well as chronic pain which is implemented by the application of pressure to the standard regions. It can also be used as a post surgery tool.

The medical use

These pillows can be used as a replacement to the donut pillows also. Any kind of injury after an accident or a normal pain will be subsided on a permanent basis. Even sores and leg pains will be cured when this cushion is kept for support. These cushions will also help a lot in the case of pregnancy. It can be used to give support as well for the pregnancy pain relief. People who suffer from arthritis will find this cushion as a blessing for them. The hips and lower back will have enough cushioning effect which will keep it in the right posture.