How does the Overwatch top 500 boost work?

Overwatch boosts are becoming more and more popular as gamers are looking to get high win rates in the game and also the placement competitions. But if you are looking to purchase the overwatch boost then you must purchase it from a reliable source that guarantees a good win rate. In the Overwatch game, the peak sports or the tier is the top 500 ladder. This is a good and difficult game to play and if you want to win then you must surely make use of an overwatch top 500 boosts. Using this you can get a spot in the top500 elite. This will entitle you to amazing rewards and then you must maintain my top500 button. The booster plays in your account only on a SOLO basis.

How does the Overwatch Top500 boost work —

For purchasing the boost you must place an order for a booster on a website that is reliable such as After you place all the information on the website and log in then the boosters are notified of a new order and then one of them will start the boost. When they start playing then they guarantee the top 500 spot. Depending upon the season, your region and platform which you are using the skill rating mark will change. In general, for the following platform the changes will be as follows —

  • For PC – the skill rating mark starts with 4250 and ends at 4440.
  • For XBOX – the rating marks are in the range of 3950-4100 SR.
  • For PS4 – the start is at around 3950 and the rating end at 4100 SR.

Generally, the early season purchase for the Overwatch top 500 boost is cheaper as compared to the late season purchase. The early season period remains till the season ends.

Rules after purchase —

If after the purchase of the game you do not maintain the top 500 rank in the season then you get 50% refund, if you reach the top 500 at least once. If you do not reach the top 500 position even once then you get 75% refund of your amount.

If you also purchase rank maintaining from the website but if you are not able to play competitively during the boost time. If you play in this time and lose the skill rating then you would have to pay an additional amount for reaching the top 500 level.