Best heavy duty dog crate models for better portability

Dog crates are very helpful for the people who have dogs in their home. Dog crates make the dog handling simple and easy. Also it provides a safe home for dogs. You can find many crate models online. Here we have listed some selected crate models for you. It will be easier for you to choose the right one for your dog after reading the whole article. You can visit the-hunting-dog for more information on dog crates.

Best heavy duty dog crate models

Pawhut heavy duty steel dog crate: It is the best quality indestructible dog crate you can find in the market. It is made of strong steel tubes welded separately to the body of the crate. The tubes are very strong and this makes the crate damage proof from the sharp teeth of the dogs. Even a heavy muscular dog cannot break it. It comes in two sizes, the first is 48.8 x 33.1 x 37.4 inches and the other one is 36 inches. According to the-hunting-dog the structure makes this the safest crate available in the market. There are two openings in the crate one is on the top and other is on the side of the crate. This makes the dog more accessible by the owner. It is very easy to move the crate in any direction due to the four wheel system on the bottom of the crate. It is also one of the best crates when it comes to cleaning. The four tray system makes it very easy to clean in few minutes. There is no chance of accidental door opening. This crate has passed several escape experiments so it is completely safe for your dog.

Proselect empire dog cage: Now this is other safe steels crate for your dog having dimensions 37 x 25.3 x 33.8 inches (M size). The crate comes with four removable wheels at the bottom and you can remove the wheels according to your choice for more stability. This crate is also very tough and durable to use. The removable tray and door make the crate cleaning very easy. This is known as the crate of modern age.

Smonster heavy duty strong metal dog cage: This is a durable steel cage with rust resistance. The dimensions are 42 x 30 x 40 inches. There is also a smaller version of this crate available. The crate comes with three gates two at the front and one at the top of the cage. One front gate is for smaller dogs and other front gate is for larger dogs. The cleaning and mobility is not an issue. You can transport the cage easily with the help of the four wheels.